3 Actions That Can Destroy Your Pending Child Custody Case

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3 Actions That Can Destroy Your Pending Child Custody Case

17 May 2016
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If you are currently in the midst of a custody battle over the custody of your child or your children, it is important to consider your own actions. It is possible to lose your case without even meaning to, so make sure that you avoid these three actions, all of which can potentially destroy your child custody case.

1. Not Taking it Seriously

Child custody matters are very serious, and it's important to treat them that way. Some people automatically assume that they will get custody of the child. For example, many people assume that mothers are favored in these cases and will get custody without even fighting for it. Others think that just because the other parent was unfaithful in the marriage or has a history of drug or alcohol use means that the other parent will not get custody. These things are not necessarily true. You should never assume that you will get custody or take things lightly. Instead, it is important to work with a child custody lawyer and do everything in your power to build a strong case, even if you think your case is a shoo-in.

2. Not Taking Care of Your Personal Issues

Your own personal issues can get in the way of your parenting and of being awarded child custody. If you have a history of violence, drug or alcohol use or other irresponsible behaviors that could put your child at risk, you will need to be able to prove that you are actively working on these things and that they will not pose an issue if you are awarded custody. Talk to your lawyer about ways that you can do this, such as taking anger management classes or enrolling in outpatient rehab and taking voluntary drug tests.

3. Bashing the Child's Other Parent

It might not be easy to hold your tongue when it comes to talking about your child's other parent, but it is important to do so. If the court finds out that you are disparaging the other parent, it could be decided that being around that type of behavior is not best for the child. Keep the talk about your child's other parents to your adult friends or family members, your counselor or your attorney, all when your child is not around.

Don't let your actions get in the way of you being awarded custody of your child. Instead, remember these three actions that can potentially harm your case, and avoid them at all costs if you want to be awarded custody.

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