Five Situations In Which Split-Up Custody May Be Necessary

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Five Situations In Which Split-Up Custody May Be Necessary

25 July 2018
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If you have multiple children and you are divorcing your spouse, the court will generally want to keep the children together. However, there are also cases in which split-up custody may be best.

The Kids Are Extremely Combative With Each Other

Siblings often have squabbles with each other so you should not think your kids will be separated simply because they have a little sibling rivalry. However, there are cases where kids have serious confrontations with each other, and letting them stay in the same household is a danger to both or one of them. In such a case, you may succeed in getting split custody from the court.

One Child Has Serious Mental Problems

There are also cases where split custody is advocated for because one child has a serious mental problem. In such a case, split custody may be best for several reasons. For example, it may be difficult for one parent to take care of the mentally ill child as well as other kids. Secondly, the child with a mental issue may not get on well with their siblings. In such a case, it may be in everyone's interest to separate the kids.

A Therapist Has Made the Recommendation

In some cases, a child therapist may make the recommendation for split custody, and the court may agree with the assessment. For example, a therapist may make such a recommendation if they have come to the conclusion that one child is likely to develop better if they separate from their siblings. An example is if the child is going through some stress in their life, and living together is only worsening the situation.

One of the Teens Craves Same-Sex Bonding

Teenagers sometimes come to a point where they prefer living with the parent of the same sex. This is not necessary, but it may be something to consider if the child wants it. Maybe the child feels more secure when confiding their personal problems to the parent of the same sex. In such a case, discuss the issue as parents and opt for split custody if you deem it best.

A Parent Is Moving Out Of State

Lastly, there may be cases where split custody is necessary if one parent is relocating. For example, if one parent is relocating out of state and their new state has an excellent art school, it may make sense for the parent to relocate with their artistic child. In such a case, it may make sense for the other child to remain with the staying parent, for example, if the child is more integrated into their current community and wishes to remain.

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