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What Clients Need To Know About Family Law

6 February 2019
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Every family lawyer has a list of things they wish their clients knew before they got too involved with their cases. Family law attorneys work hard to bring the folks they represent up to speed on matters that can be legally and emotionally difficult to try to cope with. Let's take a look at what your family lawyer would be happy to learn you already know before a consultation. Family Courts are Different Read More …

Filing Suit For Work-Related Injuries

23 December 2018
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Most hurt workers just automatically turn to workers' compensation for work-related injuries. In most cases, the medical care and partial salary you get with workers' comp is more than adequate. There are some types of injuries, however, that is in a different category. You cannot earn both workers' comp and other forms of compensation, so it's important to understand how certain injuries deserve more attention. Read on to learn more. Read More …

Can You Appeal A Divorce?

30 October 2018
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It's commonly believed a finalized divorce is the end of the case, that both parties are stuck living with the outcome even if they're unhappy with what they received. The truth is, though, it is possible to appeal a divorce decree to obtain more favorable terms. However, the question you really should be asking is whether it's worth the time and effort to pursue this course of action. Here's what you should know. Read More …

Why A Rushed Divorce Is Not Always Good

26 September 2018
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Although there are several things you can do to speed up your divorce, you shouldn't assume that the fastest divorce is the best one. This is particularly true if you just want the divorce to be over and you aren't too careful with the processes. Here are some of the disadvantages you may suffer when you rush a divorce process: You May Make Emotional Decisions Although you cannot take emotions out of the divorce process completely, you should do everything possible to make rational rather than emotional decisions. Read More …

Five Situations In Which Split-Up Custody May Be Necessary

25 July 2018
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If you have multiple children and you are divorcing your spouse, the court will generally want to keep the children together. However, there are also cases in which split-up custody may be best. The Kids Are Extremely Combative With Each Other Siblings often have squabbles with each other so you should not think your kids will be separated simply because they have a little sibling rivalry. However, there are cases where kids have serious confrontations with each other, and letting them stay in the same household is a danger to both or one of them. Read More …

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