The Role Of A Mediator During Divorce Mediation

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The Role Of A Mediator During Divorce Mediation

9 May 2023
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Many couples decide to settle their divorce during mediation rather than in the courtroom. This is because mediation can lead to a more positive outcome for both sides due to being able to come to agreements on key issues. While the importance of mediation is well known, the role of the divorce mediator is not known as well. Here is what a divorce mediator does during the process. 

Facilitating Communication

The most important role of the mediator is to help both parties talk to each other. People often go through a divorce with a huge range of emotions. Fear, sadness, and anger can often make it difficult to talk to someone at a time when you need to settle legal matters. It can often cause tension and further conflict during mediation, which should be avoided at all times.

The mediator will help create a safe space for each party to discuss matters regarding the divorce. They'll use various techniques to ensure that each person is heard, such as paraphrasing statements to ensure that the message being communicated is clear. 

Identifying Priorities

There will be key issues in a divorce that are a top priority, and each party may have different priorities as well. The mediator will help identify what is important to each person so that those issues can be focused on. This involves talking to each person and finding out why an issue holds high importance to them. 

For example, keeping a home is sometimes a big issue for a family with kids. A mediator can help get to the bottom of why keeping the home is so important to one person, which can be conveyed to the other party. This can sometimes change an issue that is non-negotiable to one that suddenly is on the table for discussion.

Finding A Resolution

The ultimate goal of mediation is to reach a resolution to the divorce without having to go to court. A mediator can help push a couple toward that goal to settle things in mediation, which can be done by explaining the reality of going to trial. By hearing what a potential outcome could be if left up to a judge, both parties may decide that it is best to work something out and find a resolution in mediation.

In addition, a mediator will help keep everyone on track to reaching a resolution. They'll help move on to new issues once a decision has been reached, and keep everything moving forward.  

For more info about mediation, contact a local company. 

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