Four Reasons It's Important to Hire a Criminal-Defense Attorney

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Four Reasons It's Important to Hire a Criminal-Defense Attorney

10 November 2016
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Have you been charged with a crime but think you're going to be able to defend yourself in court? This is usually never a good idea, no matter how smart you are or how well you know how the criminal-justice system works. Even if you're charged with a minor crime, it's always in your best interest to hire a lawyer. Here are four reasons it's important to hire a criminal-defense attorney when charged with a crime. 

Lawyers Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

If you're charged with a crime, your attorney will be able to negotiate deals with the prosecuting attorneys. This can be very advantageous for you when it comes to trying to get reduced charges and a lighter sentence. If you're not represented by an attorney, prosecutors may not be as cooperative, and you most likely will not be able to negotiate with them as well as a lawyer can. 

Lawyers Understand the Rules

When it comes to all of the laws and rules of the criminal-justice system, things can get complex in a hurry. Criminal-defense attorneys are well versed in the law and understand all of the rules when it comes to the legal system. Sometimes laws and rules get buried deep in court interpretations of constitutions and statues on both the state and federal levels. It would take you a lot of time to do all of this research, and in order to get the best possible outcome for your case, it's important that you hire someone who understands the legal system. 

Lawyers Can Gather Information

If there are witnesses whose testimony would be able to help your case, part of a lawyer's job is to gather information from witnesses. Sometimes people don't want to get involved in criminal cases, and they might not want to speak to you if you are representing yourself. A good criminal-defense lawyer would also be able to gather any other pertinent information that would help your case. 

Lawyers Are Familiar with Court Systems

Sometimes there are certain procedures that take place in a courtroom that would be impossible for you to know. These procedures usually aren't very accessible to the average person, and that is another reason it's important to hire a criminal-defense attorney. They understand who has the authority to make certain decisions and the kinds of arguments that will work best against certain prosecutors. 

If you have been charged with a crime, no matter how big or small, it's in your best interest to hire a criminal-defense attorney, such as one from Medeiros & Associates.

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