Entrapment Can Impact Your Felony Charge Defense

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Entrapment Can Impact Your Felony Charge Defense

7 December 2020
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It's one of the most common phrases you hear after somebody has been accused of a crime: it was entrapment!

If you are charged with a felony, you might wonder if you have a defense based on entrapment. In many cases, these charges can protect you against a felony conviction.

What Is Entrapment?

Entrapment does not look the same in every case. Typically, entrapment occurs when an officer or investigator creates a "trap." This trap forces or encourages somebody to commit a crime they would not have committed if there was no such trap. Often, these traps are involved in sting operations.

When Does Entrapment Occur?

Entrapment is often associated with misdemeanors like traffic offenses, but it can also be associated with felonies. You may pursue an entrapment defense based on the behavior of investigators before you were arrested.

Sex crimes are a common type of crime in which entrapment is used as a defense technique. Many people use the entrapment defense after they were accused of trying to meet up with a minor for sexual purposes, for example. They may feel entrapped by chat room decoys, for instance.

Drug crimes are also associated with entrapment. You may have declined to buy drugs, but somebody followed you around and taunted you until you made a purchase, for instance. You may have felt intimidated and forced to commit the crime.

How Can You Prove Entrapment?

Defending yourself with entrapment can be difficult. Typically, entrapment involves showing that you were induced or forced to participate in an illegal action. You may have video or text evidence of the encounter, for example. It may show that you were compelled to act by others.

You may be able to demonstrate that you were targeted in a specific manner. For example, an officer may have pursued you because they know you have a criminal history and decided to target you to get another conviction.

Should You Hire a Felony Attorney?

The entrapment defense may not be the best option in your case, but you may have another solid defense. You should consult with an attorney to build a strong defense for your case. Always take felony charges seriously, as they can have steep consequences, including time in prison.

It is always smart to hire a felony attorney if you are facing felony charges. Set up a meeting today to discuss your charges and work toward a strong defense.

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