Conditions For Modifying A Child Custody Arrangement

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Conditions For Modifying A Child Custody Arrangement

18 March 2021
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After the judge grants a custody order, the parents may want to change the custody arrangement. For example, as the children grow older, their interests and needs may change. There are many reasons why parenting plans should be changed. Here are some reasons you may want to hire a child custody attorney to change a custody arrangement.

Physical Relocation

A non-custodial parent can ask the court to change a custody agreement if the custodial parent relocates. In many cases, these kinds of petitions do not succeed. However, the court will consider relocation if the move would prevent the current custody arrangement from working.

The courts can also consider relocation if it would have a positive or negative effect on the child's life. The court can also restrict the custodial parent from relocating the child. For example, the court order might have a provision that states the custodial parent needs to give a notice before moving or forbid the parent from relocating.

Domestic Abuse

In some cases, the courts change a custody arrangement when one parent discovers that the other parent is involved in domestic abuse. Domestic abuse may be in the form of abusing the child or a romantic partner. The joint or custodial parent may want to modify the custodial arrangement to reduce visiting times with the domestic parent.

The parent can also make a claim for criminal charges against the other parent if they harmed the child. In such cases, you may even be able to get sole custody. A child custody attorney can help you gather evidence to prove that your child was being abused or exposed to an abusive environment.

Agreement of Parents

If a child's parents disagree on a custody order, the judge may not order an amendment of the custody agreement. The agreement is often necessary since it provides one of the parents with more visitation rights or joint custody. The custodial parent may have to change this order if they have a life-altering decision to make.

A custodial parent may also have to agree to a change in a custody order if they are leaving the country for a while. Parents may also agree to a custody arrangement if there are modifications to their financial conditions.

Therefore, it is important for parents to agree on a change in a custody order. Your custody lawyer will help you reach an amicable agreement with the other parent's lawyer to facilitate the amendment to your child custody arrangement.

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