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The 4 Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce Process

29 November 2021
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Divorce is one of the most trying experiences to go through as a family. However, not many people know that the process does not have to bring everyone misery. You can opt for the operation process and method that will least affect everyone involved. An uncontested divorce is one of the best ways to handle the separation. It takes away the strife that comes with the court processes. When you contest a divorce, the outcome is determined by the court. Read More …

What You Need to Know About Parental Alienation

27 August 2021
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A lot of divorces become heated, with spouses fighting over financial issues, child custody, and the division of assets. Child custody issues tend to become magnified when a divorce is contentious. Some parents will try to use a tactic known as alienation to prevent the other parent from obtaining custody. You must be familiar with the signs of parental alienation so that you can recognize when it is occurring and seek help from your attorney immediately to put a stop to the alienation. Read More …

Relocation May Require a New Child Custody And Visitation Arrangement

9 June 2021
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Hiring an attorney who provides representation in the realms of child custody and support may become necessary years after a divorce is finalized. Several situations can lead to a parent petitioning for changes in custody, visitation, or the amount of support paid. Even when parents agree on these changes, it's important to have a lawyer document the new arrangement with the court. That way, both individuals are protected if one of them ever decides the new arrangement is not working out. Read More …

Conditions For Modifying A Child Custody Arrangement

18 March 2021
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After the judge grants a custody order, the parents may want to change the custody arrangement. For example, as the children grow older, their interests and needs may change. There are many reasons why parenting plans should be changed. Here are some reasons you may want to hire a child custody attorney to change a custody arrangement. Physical Relocation A non-custodial parent can ask the court to change a custody agreement if the custodial parent relocates. Read More …

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