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Challenging A Will: A Brief Overview

9 October 2015
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Disagreements over the last will and testament of a deceased loved one are commonplace. A spouse, child, or anyone else who feels that they have been wronged often wants to contest the will and correct the perceived wrong that has been done. You cannot simply contest the will because you feel that you should have received something that you didn't get – you have to contest based on the grounds that the will as signed or written was invalid at the time the deceased loved one (referred to as the testator) signed the will. Read More …

Dealing With Visitation After A Divorce

6 October 2015
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While a divorce can be hard on the once married couple, it can be even harder on the kids. The family as they knew it is now disjointed with both parents living separate from each other. Visitation can be a good way to keep the bond between a parent and child tight. Even though the visitation is important for the kids, it can sometimes get stressful between the parents. In an effort to make it a positive experience for the kids, you have to be willing to work together. Read More …

Can You Stop An Ex-Spouse With Primary Custody From Moving Away With Your Child?

6 October 2015
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You share legal custody of your child with your ex-spouse, but your ex-spouse has primary physical custody of the child. Now, your ex has suddenly announced that he or she has decided to move and wants to take your child along. There's nothing specific in the custody agreement that says that the move can't happen. Is there anything you can do to stop it? Make sure that you respond to any notification promptly. Read More …

When Is A Bifurcated Divorce A Smart Option?

5 October 2015
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Sometimes a divorce takes longer than expected because you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can't seem to iron out the last few details of your separation. In some states, couples are allowed to bifurcate (i.e., separate into two parts) their divorces. They are granted a legal divorce immediately, and other issues such as the dividing of the marital property are settled at a later date. While this proceeding may seem like a good solution, this type of divorce can actually cause more problems. Read More …

Getting Unhitched? Don’t Let A Dishonest Spouse Keep You From What’s Rightfully Yours

2 October 2015
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As far as the law goes, your marriage is viewed very similarly to a business partnership. When your marriage comes to an end, you usually file for a divorce with an attorney. Some are amicable, but some aren't. This is particularly true when the spouses can't agree on how marital property should be divided. Sometimes, one spouse may be being dishonest to the other spouse regarding the real value of financial assets. Read More …

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